Renting a car is only the beginning

Al Qudrah is a car rental company that meets your needs and always helps you stay within your budget. Whatever lifestyle you wish to experience in Dubai, we got you covered with our diverse fleet of luxury, economy, and sports cars for hire




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Years in Business

Our philosophy is built on absolute two essentials: Luxury offerings and unmatched services. Over the years, our team has transformed these essentials into values ensuring our customer's experience is both prestigious and memorable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading rental car company that operates according to international standards.


Our Mission

At Al Qudrah Car Rentals, our mission is to offer the most luxurious brands accompanied by the highest service standards.


Why Choose Al Qudrah?

Our easy-to-access online rental services and a brand-new fleet of cars attract many residents, newcomers, and tourists to drop by and choose whatever suits their lifestyle in Dubai and meets their expectations. Visitors can always rent any car online or visit our branch to get a taste of the experience and enjoy life in Dubai. Whether they are looking for a sports, luxury, or economy car, they will always find what grabs their attention along with the competitive prices and attractive offerings to help them stay within their budget during their holiday.