Terms and Conditions
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    Our Terms and Conditions include:

    Section 1: Mandatory Documentation

    The following documents are mandatory for renting a car from Al-Qudrah company and must be given to leasing department

    1.    Valid passport or Emirates ID ( Citizens and residents only )
    2.    Valid UAE driving license ( Citizens and residents only )
    3.    Valid international driving license acceptable in UAE for tenants with a visit visa
    4.    Credit card in the name of the tenant for security deposit

    IMPORTANT: For customers who choose to deliver outside the company branches the above documents must be sent to leasing department at least two hours before the specified delivery time.


    Section 2: Delivery, Extension, Return and Exchange

    1.    The time period for calculating the rental day is (24 hours) with a maximum grace period of only one hour starting from the end of the agreed period.
    If the vehicle is not returned on time beyond the grace period Al-Qudrah has the right to charge an additional daily fee at the applicable rate, including the option fee taken for each day.
    2.    The customer must inform Al- Qudrah in advance of any required extension of the lease contract and if customer did not return the car on due date, time and does not inform the company of any extension the contract will be renewed automatically and the fees will be deducted from the available credit card.

    3.    The lease agreement remains valid until the vehicle is returned to the agreed location
    4.    By accepting the vehicle the hirer confirms that the vehicle is in the same condition as indicated in the vehicle inspection report and that he accepts full responsibility for any additional damage or loss to the vehicle however it occurs
    the hirer also assumes full responsibility for the vehicle until it is returned and checked in by the authorized representative.
    5.    The hirer agrees to return the vehicle with all documents and accessories (such as spare tire and kit box) and in with same condition as at the time of receipt, location, date and time specified in the contract.
    6.    Al Qudrah has the right to return the vehicle at any time in case of using in any way that violates or violates the terms of this contract, or if the hirer is unable to pay his financial obligations to the company.
    7.    If the hirer returns the car out of working branches hours he must abide by the instructions for returning out of company branches working hours set by the company
    In all cases the hirer assumes full responsibility for the vehicle until reopen the branches to register the vehicle by the company.
    8.    If the company approved that the hirer can return the vehicle to another place outside the company branches or if Al-Qudrah agrees to receive it itself , the hirer assumes full responsibility until the company receives it.
    9.    No any responsibility from Al-Qudrah to the hirer and any Passengers or to any third party for any Items missing from the vehicle or any damages during the contract period or thereafter
    10.    The rental vehicle may need to be replaced to sale, maintenance, accidents, etc. In this case the hirer must return the vehicle at the request of the company and the company does not guarantee the return of the same vehicle to hirer
    If Al-Qudrah perform the maintenance work in the specified period is not possible due to the delay in returning the car this may lead to the customer incurring some financial obligations and compensation for the rented car or any costs of this kind

    11.    Early termination of the monthly contracts will result in higher fees as the rental value will be calculated based on the daily rate for the actual used days.

    12.    If the hirer does not return the car at the agreed time the fees will not be settled on the agreed date
    •    in case of using the vehicle in a manner that violates the terms of the contract Al-Qudrah has the right to:
    •    Report the theft of the car to the police.
    •    Retrieve and return the vehicle without prior notice to the hirer.
    •    Filing a lawsuit against the hirer for non-payment of amounts due.


    Section 3: Personal Data

    The hirer authorizes Al-Qudrah to send the personal data related to him to the relevant authorities such as the police, traffic departments, criminal investigation departments and other relevant bodies.


    Section 4: Prices and Adjustments

    Prices are able to change if any changes are made to the reservation after the date of confirmation and when the customer wishes to amend the initial rental period by extending or reducing rental days the customer acknowledges that Al Qudrah has the right to adjust the prices accordingly.

    Section 5: Terms of Use

    It is expected that the hirer will take care of the car and take care of it and in particular he should not use it in:

    1.    Transportation of persons or property of persons or property for a fee except cases of trucks or carriages after obtaining the prior written consent from Al Qudrah
    2.    Transporting more passengers than the carrying capacity of the car.
    3.    Carrying anything or material that may damage the car due to its smell or condition delay the company to renting it again.

    4.    Push or tow any car, trailer or other object
    5.    Use it in any race, test, contest or any illegal purpose
    6.    Driving outside paved roads
    7.    Driving by hirer or driver under alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, drugs, sedatives or any other substance affecting that impairs consciousness or the ability to respond.
    8.    Renting a car to another party or another person
    9.    Taking the car outside of UAE
    10.    Driving the vehicle in geographies that Al Qudrah has reported as prohibited (or will be reported)
    The hirer also agrees to:
    •    Be responsible for all legal consequences and obligations.
    •    Afford all costs and expenses
    •    Indemnify Al-Qudrah for any and all losses incurred by Company And any damages caused to the vehicle due from the breach by the Hirer of any of the above Terms of use.

    Section 6: Insurance Policy

    Al-Qudrah offers standard insurance to customers who use the vehicle under auto liability policy however the hirer may choose a higher level of insurance coverage after paying the applicable rate as agreed in Al-Qudrah and mentioned in this contract.
    In case of collision damage waiver (accident damage waiver) option is applied the hirer accepts to be liable for losses or damage to the vehicle, its parts and accessories, this is according to an amount of the irrevocable financial obligation described in the contract and the hirer must provide Al-Qudrah a valid accident report issued by the police (or any other relevant authority)
    otherwise, the hirer shall bear all the costs and expenses of repairing the vehicle
    In case of a choice (waiver of super collision damage) the hirer agrees to the optional exemption by paying the cost mentioned in the lease contract in advance and also exempts the hirer from liability for any damage to the vehicle (not including damage without accidents) as dents, scratches, damage of some parts of

    the car internal and external or cases of theft with the ability to provide Al-Qudrah a valid accident report issued by the police (or any other relevant authority)
    otherwise, the hirer shall bear all costs and expenses of repair the car in addition to any other costs that entail paying it to any other party due to the accident


    Section 7: Damage or Theft,etc.

    1.    In case of damage or theft of the vehicle or any part thereof including combustion or glass breakage the hirer shall pay to Al-Qudrah an amount covering all losses and expenses (for instance to replacement or returning of the car, repair costs and compensation for the decrease in the value of rent.
    2.    The hirer is fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle especially if it occurs as of fuel pollution, or by driving through floodwaters or damage caused by water, sea beaches, desert rocks, sand dunes, or off-road.
    3.    In case of accident (with or without damage to the vehicle) or any injury to persons or theft of the vehicle or parts thereof the hirer shall immediately inform Al-Qudrah and police together of the incident in order to obtain a valid police report after submitting or completing all necessary documents information or procedures requested by the police.
    A copy of the police report must be sent to Al-Qudrah by the hirer but if the hirer defaults or Failure to provide Al-Qudrah a copy of the police report within a reasonable time subsequently any type of insurance available and mentioned in the contract will be null and void and therefore the hirer shall bear all costs and expenses of repairing the vehicle in addition to any other costs to any party due to the accident.
    4.    The hirer shall not perform any act that may affect the survival or validity of the insurance policy and in particular if he did not recognize any liability to any other third parties otherwise the hirer will be solely responsible for compensating the third party.
    5.    In all cases the hirer agrees to fully indemnify to Al-Qudrah if the insurance company rejects any claim for insurance that has occurred due to the tenant's default or in case of any third party sues Al-Qudrah to perform certain actions by the hirer

    6.    The hirer is obliged to assist Al-Qudrah or the insurance company in all claims or legal procedures related to an accident or any damage or theft to any part of the vehicle.
    7.    If police report does not specify the third party responsible for the accident the hirer shall bear all expenses and costs incurred by Al-Qudrah or the amount of the excess obligation according to the type of insurance chosen and agreed upon by the hirer (if any).
    8.    windows and tires damage is not covered by insurance and the hirer is responsible for the cost of the replacing.
    9.    The hirer shall not have the right to make repairs to the vehicle and if this is proven the hirer shall be bear for any finance losses to Al-Qudrah according to his act
    10.    It is possible to cancel the insurance policy if the hirer fails to comply with the terms of this policy, with this case the hirer is responsible for all costs damages and losses incurred by Al-Qudrah due to his default


    Section 8: Government law and Jurisdiction

    This Agreement is governed by construed in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates as well as the local laws applicable in the Emirates where it is enforced and if there is any dispute between the parties it will be submitted to the competent court

    Section 9: Fees

    1.    Al-Qudrah has the right to change its policy including the applicable prices at any time without notice, these policies are for the purpose of general information only and do not constitute any waiver of any of Al-Qudrah rights all of which are specifically saved.
    2.    Monthly contracts rentals have a fixed mileage allowance per month. Excess mileage charges will be charged starting AED 1 to AED 20 per additional kilometer depending on the type of vehicle, please refer to the terms of your contract for details.
    3.    In case of the rented vehicle is incurred a tariff for Salik (toll gate) or entails a traffic or parking fine by the police or traffic department during the rental period Al-Qudrah has the right to deduct Salik tariff or the cost of those fines from the hirer or payer's credit card

    4.    5 AED is calculated for each Salik gate (toll gate)

    5.    A service fee of 60 dirhams will be charged for each traffic violation including the knowledge fee, if the traffic violation attributed to the customer requires the vehicle to be locked by the authorities will ensure the company pay the necessary fines avoid such a blocking such blocking fee will be deducted from the customer and all additional costs that arise within 30 days from the date from returning date of the vehicle will be deducted from customer credit card.
    6.    An Additional administrative fee will apply in all such cases where Al-Qudrah provide additional assistance to the customer can include the final police report, release of the vehicle from seizure, driving with alcohol effect, translation of documents etc.
    7.    A service fee will apply if the vehicle is returned in a condition that requires custom cleaning
    8.    An additional fee will be charged for any roadside assistance to tow the vehicle to the workshop due to the negligence of the hirer.
    9.    The hirer shall pay to Al-Qudrah the amounts agreed upon for the duration of the contract in a timely manner, in case of renewal of this contract or if the hirer is unable to return the vehicle upon termination or expiry of this contract, the hirer will be charged a new rent in accordance with Al-Qudrah prices in force at that time.
    10.    The hirer allows Al-Qudrah to deduct any fees in advance (rent or any additional fees, such as traffic fines, traffic fine support document, Salik fees, damage, fuel and otherwise in accordance with this lease) from his balance or his credit card.
    11: The customer shall return the car to Al-Qudrah at the same level of fuel at which the car was received and customer shall bear the value of the fuel level difference according to the tariff in force at Al-Qudrah Company (local fuel tariff in addition to the service tariff).

    Section 10: Payment, Cancellation, and Non-Attendance

    The credit card is mandatory for the hirer to pay the security deposit with possibility of using who is with him card providing he/she is present and signs

    We accept payments by Visa/MasterCard cards

    Online, WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook, and phone booking are available
    credit card details and personal identifiable information of the customer will not be shared or sold or rented to any third party

    Section 11: Refunds

    Refunds are returned to customer after 30 days starting from the date of vehicle returning to Al-Qudrah
    No refund will be applied in case of early return of daily and monthly rentals

    Section 12: Indemnification

    Al-Qudrah assumes no liability for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the Hirer or any third party in connection with the Rental Vehicle.
    The Hirer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Al-Qudrah (and its branches and all its employees) from and against all damages, losses, costs, expenses, actions, claims and requests from or in connection with the Tenant's breach of the obligations of this Agreement.